Researching Disabilities…


This week I met with my tutor to discuss my research, in the conversation Patti advised me to branch out as far as I could with my research. Are there ways of pushing boundaries with disabilities? My day-to-day research will allow me to confront my issue.


Disability is a very broad topic, and it seems that disability is being slowly forgotten about within ‘design’. My aim for this body of research is to figure out why, understand this, and potentially make a difference!

I want to show that disability IS a real thing,  everybody approaches it differently but those with a disability shouldn’t be approached or treated any less than any able-bodied person should.

There are roughly 13.3 million disabled people in the UK alone (Scope 2017).

Whilst thinking, I wrote down a list of words that came to mind when I thought about ‘Disability’. I used these to create a visual representation of a wheelchair wheel using photoshop.

Word Wheel
Abbie Milenkovic 2018




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