Exploration and Mapping Practice


Today was the first of many sessions in which I will be exploring a chosen topic that will lead into the research for my final MA project. In this session as a group, we were encouraged to plot areas in a diagram best suited for what kind of designer we have been for past projects, our current position and our future position.


As part of this, my tutor set a task of gathering 10 objects together that interests and resembles myself as a person, I had to consider how and why each object will somehow interlink with my design practice (Interior). This activity will aid me in scoping a potential theme for my work.

10 Objects set up
10 Chosen objects that represent myself . – Milenkovic. A (2018)

My objects include –

  1. Laptop
  2. Pencil Case
  3. Disability Regulations
  4. Disability Stats
  5. Gym Keycard
  6. Woman’s March article
  7.  Jewellery
  8. ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’ book
  9. Hand of Fatima charm
  10. Gothenburg Souvenir

In various ways, each of the objects that I gathered has, or can have a link with Interior Design, whether it is directly or by extension of the study.


In order for me to understand and generate ideas within my chosen theme, it was necessary that I create a mind-map that will help me during my research.

Branching off from a specific word has given me endless opportunities of research areas.

Theme Mindmap 2
Brief mind Map of chosen topic – Milenkovic. A (2018)




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