01/05/2018 – Project 2 Submission Day!


Today was the submission day for Project 2. I have handed in a variety of pieces that include a sketchbook of the research I have done, an illustrated rationale which is an illustrated document that informs the reader about the project, and our proposed aims to take through to the MA Project. Alongside this, I have submitted experimental test models as well as my final prototype.




In the rationale, we had to create a question that will form the base of the MA Project, the body of work I complete in the MA Project should answer my question of;

What interior design interventions can be adopted to make existing building design fully accessible for the increasing number of wheelchair users in the modern-day world?



Final Prototype Model

These are images of my final prototype model that sums up my Project 2 as a whole and what sort of direction I want to take through to the MA Project.

You’re probably wondering why it has square wheels?

The main idea behind this model was to replicate inaccessibility and invisibility through model making. The reason why the model wheelchair has square wheels to represent inaccessibility; the wheelchair is unable to move due to an inaccessible design. 

I have chosen to use clear acrylic as the only material in this model and this represents invisibility; wheelchair users say they feel invisible to others around them in public places. 

In the MA Project, I will be focusing on inaccessibility and invisibility, and design an interior space that is completely wheelchair accessible and to promote and enhance the users visability.

What will I take through to MA Project from Project 2?

Following on to the MA Project with the body of research I have collected, I intend to develop a creative body of work including design ideas and drawings, as well as creative research and design a suitable accessible interior which will express my passion for disability within design. Through the body of work, I will be focusing my MA Project on creating accessibility, awareness and visibility for disabled wheelchair users.

Accessibility – The main focus will be on accessibility and how a wheelchair user uses and interacts with an interior whether it be a commercial or residential building. From the research I have gathered over the project, I intend to design a residential interior space, for example, a fully accessible hotel which will invite wheelchair users to stay comfortably and trouble-free and have a luxurious stay because most disabled accessible rooms are decorated much blander than a normal room in a hotel.

Awareness – Awareness is something that I have been thinking about throughout most of Project 2, too. I would like to incorporate some form of awareness in the MA Project, possibly in the form of a discussion, survey or campaigning to raise awareness for able-bodied people on disability design and the limitations that disabled people face.

Visibility – As part of the MA Project I will be exploring how the visibility of a wheelchair user can be increased. I need to think creatively how I will incorporate it into an interior space and how a wheelchair user can be clearly seen, however, this will be part of the design stage and I will think of this at the right time.

I will tie my MA Project with the three points I have made through designs to create an interior outcome that is accessible.


A reflection on Project 2 – Disability in Design

Overall this has been a bit of a rollercoaster of a project. I started the project with a very broad topic in mind, I wasn’t sure what kind of research I would be looking into and I also wasn’t sure what kind of route I wanted to take through the research.

So at the start of the Project 2, I researched into disability as much as I could and as quick as I could and I think by doing so, I found myself wandering down a path and couldn’t figure out how to get back onto the road. I wanted to know about all kinds of disability, what they were and what they mean, as well as diving into regulation books and equality acts. I’ll be honest, I was lost for quite a lot of my project.

Starting off my research with such a broad mindset allowed me to explore and pin down the areas I am most passionate about and want to carry through to the MA Project. I first decided to explore why and how disabled users feel invisible in public places and to others around them. I researched into wheelchair users feeling invisible and it touched me quite a lot to think what some people go through in their everyday lives… as an able-bodied person, we take things like that for granted. This then led into visibility – what could I do to increase a wheelchair users visibility; maybe by creating something for the wheelchair itself that would link to an interior space. Although I know I won’t focus on these areas within the MA Project, I will visit each idea and consider them in the designs I create.

After lots of research, both primary and secondary, I found that the area I am most passionate about is accessibility and how a wheelchair user accesses an interior or moves around an interior space. In the MA Project, I intend to explore further into accessibility and how design can be adapted to allow full access. I will be designing interior spaces focused on wheelchair users.

I have had weekly tutorials with my tutor, Patti, who has helped and supported me along this journey of disability in design. I kept finding myself losing track of what I wanted to explore and ended up exploring things I had already done. Patti became a big help in this way as she guided me back to the right path and helped me to open my mind about such a broad topic. – Thank you.


Where am I in Project 2?

I am in the final week and coming to the end of Project 2.

At this point in the project, I have finished my illustrated rationale; which is a brief outline of the area of interest and explaining the research I have done, it also includes my aims and focuses for the MA Project.

I have had my last tutorial with my tutor Patti. I was still feeling lost within this research project at quite a late stage, but after speaking with Patti I had a brainwave and everything finally clicked into place. I now know what direction I want to take in the MA Project and started to get ideas for what I will be producing.
I will be taking through the body of research that I have gathered in Project 2, to the MA Project where I will use the information to design an interior based around wheelchair users; this will include the needs of the user, their comfortability and mainly focusing on accessibility.

I have learnt alot from Project 2. It has given me a wider insight to the world of disability and how disbabled people live their everyday lives and overcome situations and barriers that they may face. As the project has progressed, my passions for the subject have grown stronger which is making me want to get to the design stage.