A reflection on Project 2 – Disability in Design

Overall this has been a bit of a rollercoaster of a project. I started the project with a very broad topic in mind, I wasn’t sure what kind of research I would be looking into and I also wasn’t sure what kind of route I wanted to take through the research.

So at the start of the Project 2, I researched into disability as much as I could and as quick as I could and I think by doing so, I found myself wandering down a path and couldn’t figure out how to get back onto the road. I wanted to know about all kinds of disability, what they were and what they mean, as well as diving into regulation books and equality acts. I’ll be honest, I was lost for quite a lot of my project.

Starting off my research with such a broad mindset allowed me to explore and pin down the areas I am most passionate about and want to carry through to the MA Project. I first decided to explore why and how disabled users feel invisible in public places and to others around them. I researched into wheelchair users feeling invisible and it touched me quite a lot to think what some people go through in their everyday lives… as an able-bodied person, we take things like that for granted. This then led into visibility – what could I do to increase a wheelchair users visibility; maybe by creating something for the wheelchair itself that would link to an interior space. Although I know I won’t focus on these areas within the MA Project, I will visit each idea and consider them in the designs I create.

After lots of research, both primary and secondary, I found that the area I am most passionate about is accessibility and how a wheelchair user accesses an interior or moves around an interior space. In the MA Project, I intend to explore further into accessibility and how design can be adapted to allow full access. I will be designing interior spaces focused on wheelchair users.

I have had weekly tutorials with my tutor, Patti, who has helped and supported me along this journey of disability in design. I kept finding myself losing track of what I wanted to explore and ended up exploring things I had already done. Patti became a big help in this way as she guided me back to the right path and helped me to open my mind about such a broad topic. – Thank you.