Understanding Wheelchair Metrics

Wheelchair metrics are something that needs to be understood when researching into such a broad topic. For me as an Interior Designer, it is crucial that I know the heights and widths needed to accommodate a wheelchair passing comfortably through an area when it comes to planning out an interior. After reading through regulations and measurements, I have hand-drawn these to help myself when it comes to designing an accessible interior. I have written the scale measurement next to each drawing as a guidance for size.

There are standard disability metric systems when working on an interior space, I have drawn these from the Portsmouth City Council – ‘Design guide for wheelchair accessible housing’ (2006) and Building Regulations Part M (2010) Category 3 – ‘Wheelchair user dwellings’ :                                                                                                                                  Turning Circle – 1500mm                                                                                                                      Door Widths – 850mm – 900mm                                                                                                              Plug Heights –  450mm from floor                                                                                                            Light Switches – 1200mm from floor

Handrawn metrics. Milenkovic. A (2018)

I understand that I have drawn an example of a toilet cubicle that may not have the turning circle circumference in it, but it is accessible for those who transfer off and on the toilet, and the door swings outwards.