Where am I in Project 2?

I am in the final week and coming to the end of Project 2.

At this point in the project, I have finished my illustrated rationale; which is a brief outline of the area of interest and explaining the research I have done, it also includes my aims and focuses for the MA Project.

I have had my last tutorial with my tutor Patti. I was still feeling lost within this research project at quite a late stage, but after speaking with Patti I had a brainwave and everything finally clicked into place. I now know what direction I want to take in the MA Project and started to get ideas for what I will be producing.
I will be taking through the body of research that I have gathered in Project 2, to the MA Project where I will use the information to design an interior based around wheelchair users; this will include the needs of the user, their comfortability and mainly focusing on accessibility.

I have learnt alot from Project 2. It has given me a wider insight to the world of disability and how disbabled people live their everyday lives and overcome situations and barriers that they may face. As the project has progressed, my passions for the subject have grown stronger which is making me want to get to the design stage.

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