What will I take through to MA Project from Project 2?

Following on to the MA Project with the body of research I have collected, I intend to develop a creative body of work including design ideas and drawings, as well as creative research and design a suitable accessible interior which will express my passion for disability within design. Through the body of work, I will be focusing my MA Project on creating accessibility, awareness and visibility for disabled wheelchair users.

Accessibility – The main focus will be on accessibility and how a wheelchair user uses and interacts with an interior whether it be a commercial or residential building. From the research I have gathered over the project, I intend to design a residential interior space, for example, a fully accessible hotel which will invite wheelchair users to stay comfortably and trouble-free and have a luxurious stay because most disabled accessible rooms are decorated much blander than a normal room in a hotel.

Awareness – Awareness is something that I have been thinking about throughout most of Project 2, too. I would like to incorporate some form of awareness in the MA Project, possibly in the form of a discussion, survey or campaigning to raise awareness for able-bodied people on disability design and the limitations that disabled people face.

Visibility – As part of the MA Project I will be exploring how the visibility of a wheelchair user can be increased. I need to think creatively how I will incorporate it into an interior space and how a wheelchair user can be clearly seen, however, this will be part of the design stage and I will think of this at the right time.

I will tie my MA Project with the three points I have made through designs to create an interior outcome that is accessible.


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