What did I learn from experimentation?

This is a post to reflect on my experimental pieces. Doing these honestly haven’t helped me at this moment in the project, but I know they will do when I carry my ideas through to the MA Project. By expressing my thoughts through materials and 3D forms, it allowed me to

The material experimentation also led me to my final prototype piece. I gathered together my ideas and research processes to recreate something that represents the information that I have researched over Project 2, that will be carried into and progressed further into the MA Project.

Not only have I experimented with materials, I also experimented on a personal level by using a wheelchair myself to understand the limitations and poor design. For this experiment, I went shopping at Tesco. I work at Tesco and not once has it crossed my mind that items or shelves are too high or too deep for someone, but once I had experienced this first hand it was obvious that there is a slight inconsideration when it comes to a wheelchair user and the design of a shop. Not only was shopping difficult, but I did get the sense of feeling invisible.  I am including snapshots of a short video of my journey around the shop to give you an insight into what it was like shopping at a different level.


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