Experimental Pieces

Towards the end of Project 2, I looked back on the research that I had gathered and started to experiment with materials and try and replicate my findings through 3-dimensional models materials.

I haven’t used a wide variety of materials, but I have made different models using the same materials. These include cardboard, acrylic and my 3D Pen.

Here I was testing materials to see what sort of outcome I could come up with. I decided to use my 3D pen to create surface texture against cardboard, my reasoning for this was to try and capture the feeling of how a moving wheelchair might feel along different surfaces. Wheelchair users are faced with rough or complicated design in the modern world and what I am trying to portray with this idea is that designed shouldn’t have to be a rough ride for a wheelchair user, but more smooth.

In this model, I have used cardboard as the platform and casted clear acrylic to form the shapes. This model represents the limitations and inaccessible areas that wheelchair users are faced with on a day-to-day basis. The area within the white lines resemble a route that a wheelchair user may take, and the clear acrylic shapes resemble obstructions and blockages that may occur even on a simple journey. The sharpness of the acrylic shapes could maybe indicate the harshness of this reality.


The only material I have used for this model is cardboard, and by doing so it allowed me to manipulate the material in ways that I wanted. The idea behind this model is that of a wheelchair turning circle. On the bottom of the wheelchair, I have attached a lever which can be turned that will make the wheelchair pivot and give a miniature view of a wheelchair turning circle.


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