Disability Inspiration…


Ability Not Disability
Disability Discrimination in the Workplace. (Abrahams. G (June 2017)   —- This image caught my eye due to the boldness, although it is a very plain image, to me it gives a strong message that all people, disabled more so, should be given the ability to do or achieve anything they want to and not be held back by their disability.


Why you shouldn’t trust a disability by its visibility. Chamberlain. L (2016) — This image speaks a thousand words. There are a lot of disabilities that aren’t visible that people are unaware of unless you speak to the user themselves. This shouldn’t stop anyone of any ability from doing anything they want.


Princesses with disabilities redefine ‘Standards of Beauty’. (Dicker. R (2014) — This image could be so inspiring for a young child living with a disability. Princesses play a big part in a child’s imagination from an early age and an image like this will help them to overcome their appearance just because a princess is in the same situation as them.



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